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Last week I was contacted by Mr. Cody Hallett telling me about a Kickstarter campaign his father-in-law just started a few days prior. He knew about my writing and blogging through Screen Invasion and liked my writing style, so he asked if I could write about this Kickstarter as well as maybe talk to the creator of the campaign.

[Is it possible to feel humbled while your ego inflates to magnanimous proportions?]

“Of course!” I said. Little did I know, that I’d be checking out Mr. Sandy Petersen, a game designer who’s credited in the making of Doom, Doom II, Age of Empires, and Call of Cthulhu, among others. My inner geek gamer squeed a little. The other geek in me, the one that is a little obsessed with the Cthulhu mythos, flew her arms up in glee upon discovering that the Kickstarter project was a new Cthulhu game called Cthulhu Wars.

Cthulhu Wars

Kickstart This: Cthulhu Wars

The game itself was something that I would generally feel happy about; however, I kinda lost my mind (like one would when faced with one of Lovecraft’s nightmarish creatures) when I saw the MANY game figurines being made as well. These minis are extremely detailed. AND! you can buy the minis separately if you don’t want the board game. I want these minis, you guys. You don’t even know.

Anyway, I got a chance to correspond with Mr. Petersen over email. =^_^=

Just want to say (again) thank you to Mr. Hallet and Mr. Petersen for giving me the opportunity to correspond with you, as well as direct me to this awesome game!


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