Makeup tutorial with a feminist twist

I don’t use makeup, not unless I go to an event or my face decides to be a bitch and break out. I don’t even bother powdering my nose for work. It’s because I’m definitely lazy, and I don’t care.

My mom is from the Philippines. She grew up on a tiny coconut and mango plantation, which paid for just enough to keep her family of 12 from complete poverty. My mom never had the luxury of being very girly, nor did she care to be. So naturally, when I came around, her non-girly teachings were passed on to me. Among other things, I never learned the finer details of makeup, that there are steps like what is shown above. Hell, I’m still learning.

(Who knew face powder was Susan B. Anthony’s ashes?)

All that aside, I like what is going on with this video. If you want to put a serious spin on it, makeup is just face paint used for pleasing our male counterparts. The woman in this video not only takes that power, but she turns said power on its head and directs it toward the empowerment of women, and kicking the shit out of men.

Let’s be honest ladies, we definitely want to look good when a guy is flat on his back and staring up at you while he eats your stiletto heel.


4 thoughts on “Makeup tutorial with a feminist twist

  1. I just had a thought. If putting on makeup is a beat ’em up brawler, could doing one’s hair be a slaughter? Would wearing a super fabulous outfit be considered GENOCIDE???

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