Intro to Geek #5 – Evil Dead 2



Intro To Geek 05: Evil Dead 2

This week, Shaun and I talk about 1981’s Evil Dead 2! After watching and reviewing the first Evil Dead film for “Intro,” I wasn’t too sure about watching the sequel right away. In fact, I almost didn’t. If you’re a regular listener, you may know that I am a horror pansy. I won’t watch them. I can’t. Not without pausing a million times to catch my breath, calm my nerves, and drink a batch of hot cocoa. Yes, a batch.

Evil Dead 2 is admittedly not as intense as the first one. It’s still scary, but Sam Raimi found a happy medium between horror and comedy. I found myself laughing more than shouting out loud.

The movie takes place right where the first leaves off. Well, sort of. In the very beginning, there is a sort of a reboot. Instead of coming up to the eerie cabin in the woods with a bunch of friends, Ash drives up there with his dancer of a girlfriend. Hell breaks loose soon after and, after a quick succession of events, the movie really starts back up where the original movie leaves off.

You can definitely tell that Raimi had more money in his budget to work with. You don’t really see it at first apart from some stop animation near the beginning, and the gallons of blood spewing out from the walls. I’m telling you, the blood was bleeding blood.

I love this movie, more than the first one, and it’s a definite must-see if you’re ever to continue fitting into this world 😉

I kid, I kid… But seriously.


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