Intro to Geek #6 – Lost


Intro To Geek 06: Lost

Okay I cheated a litte on this one. I have seen J. J. Abrams’ LOST before. I followed the show since day one, when I was a freshman in college (jeez louise). I wanted to talk about LOST because Shaun and I (mostly Shaun) just recently finished marathoning the entire series. I’ve also come across individuals who have A) never finished the series, or B) never watched one episode!

I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about it now on Intro to Geek. I haven’t watched it since the last episode first aired three years ago, and why the hell not?


LOST, I have found, continues to be one of those shows that still manages to procure a strong emotional response from me. With a cast so large, it’s kind of a small wonder how anyone manages to get really attached to certain characters. For me, I love Sun/Jin. I cry EVERY TIME something really great or really terrible happens to them. Shaun can confirm. I was crying like a baby when they found each other.

The next J. J. Abrams TV show I do will either be FRINGE or ALIAS. Most likely the latter since it’s been off the air longer…and season 5 of FRINGE isn’t free on Amazon Prime yet.


One thought on “Intro to Geek #6 – Lost

  1. If you’re not crying during the last episode (just the music alone makes my face leak emotions), then you might actually be a Cylon. See a doctor.

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