Aerials, Dating, Fringe Binge

It has been a while since I made a personal post on this blog: all business and no party! It’s easy to forget after a while that even though you think nothing interesting is happening in your life right now, chances are all the things are happening. So let’s start at the top, shall we?


A couple months ago, under the advisement (or threat) from a friend I signed onto a dating website. I met some interesting characters through this particular website, a lot of them duds. I was at an emotional low point at the time of making the profile, and my friends thought the best remedy was to start dating again. I never was much for serial dating, or dating in general. My dad, for all his good intentions, convinced me that dating was stupid and that I should never do it. I know every father says this when his daughter is young, but mine kept it up all the way through high school until I graduated. When I started dating during my Sophomore year in college, he and my mother were relieved. They thought I was gay. My parents aren’t homophobes, they were just worried that if I were gay I wouldn’t give them grandchildren. Yes. Because if you’re a gay, there is absolutely no way for a couple to have a child. Cue eye roll.


Within the dating website fray I ran into a few high school classmates, my old roommate, and a close friend of mine. Funny thing is we’re all highly compatible friend-wise according to the site’s rating system. Um, duh. That’s why we’re friends. Among those people, I came across a lot of married guys. Somewhere in the register, I chose “no marrieds.” Obviously it’s just like Facebook in that settings mean absolutely nothing. I kept getting messages saying “Hey, my wife’s out of town. Wanna [expletive deleted]?” or “My wife isn’t giving me what I need/isn’t satisfying me anymore. Just say the word and I can get us a hotel.” Not that I’m condoning extramarital affairs, but there is already a website for you jerk wads. Go there. Creepers.

After a while, this became my reaction

But there was this one fellow I had fun with:

Remember this guy?

No, no, no…I didn’t actually go out with Zeddie Little, famously known as The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. He’s in New York now. I went out with the photographer who took the above picture. And while I kinda hate myself for actually attributing this to him — he has some other great photos — I just wanted to let you know who he was without actually saying his name on here. He’s a big ol’ nerd like me, probably even more so. Actually not “probably,” more like “definitely.” I say that because he works with computers and networking, all techie stuff that puts me to sleep. Me and computers merely have a truce not to fuck each other’s shit up. He was fun, we nerded out, played arcade games, luncheoned, dined. Hanging out with the guy certainly didn’t suck like all the others did.

Let me say this before I go on: I have little patience for dating, this much I have found out about myself. After a while, even one or two texts from a guy got me reeling and chomping at the bit with frustration. I actually yelled at my phone once in front of my friends saying, “Oh my gods, STOP SMOTHERING ME!” This particular outburst was just after the second or third text from the guy that week (Suddenly I feel empathetic to all of the other guys I kept texting). You can say it because I’ve said it: I’m a crazy person. I am truly insane and neurotic and paranoid. Guess what?

While I liked him, I didn’t want to continue making him think he had any more of a chance with me, so I stopped seeing him. We’re at least Facebook buddies still. Before I go ahead to my next topic, yes, I closed my account on the dating website. I ain’t got no time for no man.


What is it? You know those acrobats doing poses on those fabric apparatuses in the Cirque du Soleil? Yeah that.

My friends, the Angelas, take aerial classes, and for months they have been trying to convince me to check it out. The one who specializes in silks finally roped me into taking a beginner’s silks class. Not gonna lie, I finally took the plunge because the school moved into a bigger facility and they had a 50% off special going on for anyone who signed up for a class before July 1st. For years, I took martial arts and as long as the exercise is fun, I’m in it 100%. Guys, I’m only in my second class and aerials is fun as hell. I don’t even care about the excruciating pain I feel in some of the poses — I’m told you either get used to it or it goes away after doing it so much. Oh, and I finally get how people are able to climb rope. I never had to do it in gym class, it was never offered. You also discover muscles you never even knew existed.

Oooooh the soreness. I haven’t felt this sore since the day after my session with my former roommate’s personal trainer, E, while visiting Baton Rouge. So it’s the good kind of soreness. The type of soreness that, through all the complaining, you are still pumped to go for more. MOAR!

From one beginner to another: wear layers, expect some fabric burns,  bruises on your hips and thighs are almost always guaranteed. Always if you’re doing it right. I’ll also try to remember getting a picture of myself the next time I go.

Fringe Binge!

I love the TV show Fringe, but I lost touch with it a few years ago when FOX switched it to Friday nights, and I didn’t have a DVR. I was so happy when Netflix put the first four seasons up on instant streaming. Now I’m marathoning Fringe as much as I can before bed…and all day on the weekends…when I’m not playing video games, podcasting, reading, or hanging out with my buddies. I almost forgot why I love it so. It captures what I used to love about X-Files and ramps it up a bit. It’s insanely funny to me how the characters in the show start accepting the weirdness in their lives and see it all as a normal thing. “A giant porcupine man found in yesterday’s plane wreckage? Ok, be there in ten.”

What I love most, of course, are the characters. All of Team Fringe actually: Olivia, Peter, Walter, Astrid, and even Broyles. When first watching the series, I swooned over Peter. He was my favorite purely because I couldn’t get over the fact that this was Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. This time around I have a strong admiration for Olivia, especially after what she says to Broyles in an early episode:

I understand that you think I acted too emotionally. Putting aside the fact that men always say that about women they work with, I’ll get straight to the point: I am emotional. I do bring it into my work. It’s what motivates me. It’s what helps me get into the headspace of our victims, see what they’ve seen, even if I don’t want to, even if it horrifies me. And I think it makes me a better agent. If you have a problem with that, I’m sorry. You can fire me. But I hope you don’t.

Damn that pretty much encapsulates all of what a female heroine in an action show/movie should be. We have to get over the fact that men and women are different. We operate differently because of how we are built mentally and physically. Too often do I see heroines play the bit part, or they’re just men in a woman’s body. When Shauncastic first started, the cast and I actually talked about women in science fiction:


Shauncastic 09: She Don’t Need No Stinking Gun

(Ten points to Gryffindor for actually remembering which episode it was)


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