Intro to ‘Heavy Rain’ Twitter Event!

Intro to Heavy Rain

Greetings, readers!

I has a sad. Not only did I just kill my soul a little bit by deliberately saying “I has a sad,” (poor grammar and all) but there is no D&D Friday tonight. If you follow me and my D&D buddies on Twitter, you know that we live tweet our games every Friday. That didn’t happen last week because of Pacific Rim, and again tonight because our DM and his wife are heading over to MonsterCon right now. Having no other plans tonight, I have just now decided to do a live Twitter event of my own: #IntrotoHeavyRain. Heavy Rain has been one of the games I’ve been dying to play ever since I bought my PS3 a couple years ago, but it has taken me up until recently to finally get up and buy it. What’s more is that I bought the Director’s Cut.

I am already 3 hours in, so I’ll do a little recap before loading up the game. So far, my impression is this: the graphics are amazing. That’s a huge “duh!” from everyone else who has played this game; it’s practically a given from video game publisher Quantic Dream. The gameplay is very unique in that you have to use the controls differently from what you’re used to. There are prompts for button combinations paired with timing paired with how fast or how slow you press them; it’s refreshing and frustrating at the same time — like retraining your fingers to work different with a new dynamic.

What I didn’t expect to see is the tech being used in the game. There are only two real instances so far where you get a glimpse of in what sort of world these people are living. In everything else, it’s just like ours, but a few years ahead of our time. But it’s 2011…so think alternate universe 😀

Just a reminder, there will be potential spoilers in my tweets, but I try not to do it so much to where you won’t want to play it anymore. But…just so you know…spoilers.


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