Mekton Z – Pacific Rim Update

Good news, everyone! My D&D’s Mekton Z – Pacific Rim campaign is finished! We had so much fun pretending to stomp around in giant, robotic suits and fighting monsters as big as skyscrapers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a reminder if you haven’t been following this story for the past several weeks:

The world is set 20 years after the events of Pacific Rim. Of course, we started this game before the movie came out so there are some elements that are in the game but no longer in the movie’s timeline. Soooo, Mekton we’re just gonna say that our story is in an alternate universe. The Earth experienced 20 years of peace since they closed the rift connecting them and those monsters for good…or so they thought. Some time before the start of our story, rifts have been opening all over the Pacific. New monsters have been popping up, causing chaos everywhere. But it isn’t just the Kaiju anymore, more sinister things are afoot, pitting humans against other humans.

They are the Cenobites. Monks who worship the Elder Gods. For years they’ve been quietly forming an army of Cultists, perfectly blending into the human population, waiting.

Upon the first wave of attacks by the new Kaiju, the Jaeger program was reopened. Thanks to improved technology, there is no longer a need for two pilots to operate the giant machines. They started out strong like before, but new elements of the war is starting to overwhelm them.

MY character is Michiru LaFluer, a famous young pop idol from Japan who was chosen by the Jaeger Program to become its new celebrity face. Below is her specially made Jaeger:

Cute, right? I want THIS model, but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Now that we’re finished with this particular storyline, that can only mean one thing. Well, actually two things:

Thing the first: I can now write a narrative of what happened! I’ve been debating this in my head for weeks, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll tell the story through Michiru’s eyes. She’s the rookie within a group of war-torn vets; she literally has no real experience. Additionally, her character has a twist in her storyline that I think everyone in my group forgot about. All the things plus, Michiru’s story is the only one in my head. If I were able to read everyone else’s thoughts, I’d not only have to be committed into an insane asylum later, but I would also have sooooo much more to write.

Thing the second: D&D is coming back next week! I get to be the hilariously strong pixie who wields a double-sided battle axe bigger than her own body.


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