Intro to Heavy Rain, again!

intro to heavy Rain 3

Have you been following #IntrotoHeavyRain these last couple weeks? Have you discovered just how awful I am at it? One of these days I’m going to have a better means of commentary than Twitter, but since I have no proper place to record (I can’t even figure out Garage Band, you guys, it’s that bad) audio or video, we’re just gonna have to deal with blocks and blocks of tweets from me 🙂

Speaking of bad, I’m awful at this game. LOL! Like…seriously, I can just see the wrong guy getting the ax and letting the real killer slip by. Last week was hilarious, though. In the scene where Miranda visits an old man with tacky taste in interior to ask who has been using the rundown apartment building. He offered me a drink, and I took it. Now before you say anything, of course I knew taking the drink was not the right thing to do. Life 101, don’t take drinks from creepy old guys with tacky interior. And wardrobe.

My friend Rico came up and said, “Why, OH WHY, did you take that drink, Christina?”

I replied with a guilty look on my face, “I kinda wanted it to happen to her. Oh my gods, I really AM part of the problem!!!”

I feel like we’re close to the end here. We may finish tonight or the next scheduled live tweet. Either way, I foresee a bad end. LOL!


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