So you noticed there haven’t been any new Intros…

Fry - taking a break

I guess you all noticed that I haven’t posted anything on this website for a while. That’s because I’ve been busy with a super secret writing project. I have two of them, three if you count my once-a-week contribution to Screen Invasion.


Oh right, and my birthday is coming up in…holy shit FIVE DAYS?! What am I going to doooooo? The thing about my birthday is that it’s always a few days before DragonCon. Since I’m going this year, all my thoughts have gone into panic mode as I try to put the finishing touches on my three hipster looks: Korra, Chell, and Wonder Woman. Pieces are missing, haven’t arrived yet… This is stressful. All I wanna do is curl up in a dark place and hide for the whole of Labor Day Weekend.

Tangled hide

Of course, by the time I get there with all my friends, bumping into random celebrities “by accident,” I’ll be like a 5-year-old at Disney World and go absolutely bonkers…with booze.

Snow White high 5

Oh yeah, you guys may also have noticed that there haven’t been any Intro to Geek episodes for the past two weeks. That’s because Shaun and I haven’t recorded any. We (mostly Shaun and Laura) are too busy prepping for New York Comic Con. Laura, owner of Popcycled Baubles,  which sells a variety of custom made comic book jewelry, is a vendor at NYCC for the first time. This will be her first big convention and it’s become a little overwhelming. I only wish I had enough time to help them out more. So yeah. It’s safe to say that we’re on a break for a while. At least until after DragonCon. Maybe. Probably.

There’s still hope! I’ve decided that since we aren’t going to be recording, I’ll take this time to submit written reviews. I’ll be concentrating solely on anime series and movies. Shaun hasn’t watched anime since the last time Voltron had a new episode on American television, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk to you about toons from the Land of Rising Sun. The first one will be Hayao Miyazaki’s first animated feature film, Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro. Look for that in the coming days!



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