Dragon Con – Costuming is stressful!!!

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! Dragon Con is in two days. The hour of reckoning is nearly upon us! 

In case you don’t follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I have been freaking out about Dragon Con for about a week and a half. So much so that I kept forgetting my own birthday, I eat only one meal a day, and my face broke out. The latter event is just now starting to go away, but I have a feeling I’ll need to make sure the makeup covers up the blemishes.


My original plan was to go all hipster with Korra from the Avatar series, Wonder Woman, and Chell from Portal. Korra was the first to go. I wasn’t liking how I was looking with the articles I had, and I just wasn’t looking like a version of Korra at all. I was thinking about wearing it anyway and just tote around an ironic sign and squirt gun, but then dogs happened. I’m still reeling myself in from that trauma. Chell was dumped last week. This decision was solely because I just forgot to order the larger Portal gun. I have the miniature version, but I’m afraid I’ll break and/or lose it. I’ll save that for NYCC.

I still have Hipster Wonder Woman. This was the one I concentrated on building the most. She has the most pieces out of all the costumes. I have a tissue thin black sweater with a WW logo patch pinned do the side (the hoodie I originally got was too warm), shiny blue tights that still need stars added to them, a red yoga tank top, a yellow scarf, golden head band, and a golden headset. The very last piece is my favorite.

This was the base concept for putting together my WW look. Of course I made changes.

I got the idea for a golden headset when I noticed that the picture above only had a set of white earbuds to stand in for WW’s lasso. The artist missed a great opportunity, just sayin’. I trolled around eBay earlier this month and found knockoffs of a today’s trendy headsets I see all the cool kids wearing these days. They were $4 with free shipping.

Wait. What?

Yup. Four dollars with FREE shipping.

The only catch was that they’re coming from China. If you have ever bought something insanely cheap over eBay through China, then you know stuff takes an extremely long time to get stateside. But I took a chance, I thought it was early enough in the month — I ordered them on August 8. Yeah… they got here last Saturday. That’s cutting things very close. I was prepared to gild an old pair of earbuds that just broke if they never came. Glad it didn’t come to that; I didn’t wanna chance getting gold paint in my ears.

I first used a metallic gold Sharpie since I already had it. Don’t do that. Coloring on the plastic is fine with the exception that it streaks, but Sharpie does not stay on rubber. It may trick you for a second, but its lies surface as soon as you finish. Save all the trouble of coloring in poor lighting and cough up the couple bucks for a small can of craft spray paint at Michael’s. You’ll get infinitely better results.


So yeah, spray paint is your friend. Fabric spray pain, on the other hand, is not. The last thing I have to do now is add the stars to the side of my WW tights. I went back and forth on deciding what to do about this for the past two weeks. Ultimately I decided on fabric paint. Spray fabric paint. I’m just going to tell you right now, don’t do it. It may say “spray” on the bottle, but it came out in an exploding stream of white. I got more on my hands than I did on the pants themselves, AND it managed to get under the stencil I was using despite all the tape and blocks I had set down. I’ll tell you this right now, use foam, scrap fabric, felt, E6000, ANYTHING else besides spray fabric paint. It’s not worth it. Not on stretchy nylon anyway. [grump face] I hope I can find my sewing needles tonight…

Since I ditched Chell and Korra, I wondered what else I can bring with me to Dragon Con. There’s Dexter from my Women of Geekdom shoot, and Rockabilly Batman from the costume bachelorette party I went to earlier this year. To me, my Dexter look isn’t complete without a dead body. I have this brilliant idea of borrowing my friend’s husband, stripping him down to his boxers, and wrapping him up with Saran wrap. I wouldn’t tie his limbs together, I’ll at least be kind enough to let him walk around ^_^

I hit a little snag with Batman over the weekend. I couldn’t find the detachable mask that went with the bat-hat. Later that evening I discovered that it was thrown away. You know that moment you find out your mom threw away your comic books? Yeah, I had that feeling. I trolled around Michael’s the other day and found a mask yesterday. SCORE! I picked up that puppy and sprayed it black. Batman is back, bitches!

The final look I came up with is Hipster Ariel. The only things I needed were green skinny jeans and a sea-themed hair clip. Can you believe that I was able to find the jeans at a Wal-Mart? I hate HATE that store. They usually carry soccer mom pants that sit above the waist. I expected to find colorful pants at Target since they’ve been really pushing their colorful clothing pallet all summer. Nope, I found them at Wal-Mart. Thank you, Back-to-School season.

hipster ariel

Unsurprisingly, I was unable to find an under-the-sea themed hair accessory in the store. Everyone gets bent out of shape over flowers. That’s boring. When I went over to Michael’s last Monday, I found dried starfish for house decor. LIGHTBULB! I quickly looked up what it takes to make seashell hair clips and crosschecked with my crafty friend, Laura. The internet told me to use hot glue. That stuff’s messy. Laura said that I should E6000, it bonds everything. She isn’t kidding. I might use it to reapply the upholstery that’s peeling off the side of my car door.


[Note to self: don’t forget to pick up the wig from Laura’s house.]


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