Still On Break…

Hi guys! I just wanted to give you an update on what’s happening here at Intro to Geek, i.e. my life.

We’re about a month away from New York Comic Con (NYCC) in which PopCycled Baubles, a small jewelry business founded by Shaun’s wife, Laura, is holding a booth. This is a HUGE project for us local Shauncastic! members and have been helping out in any way we can. NYCC is the second largest comic convention in the country, so that means we have to make as much product to last us three days.

In case you don’t know what PopCycled Baubles is, it’s a small geeky accessory store that Laura started about two years ago. At first it only featured pendants with upcycled comic book pieces of a character fitted inside. Then the line extended to keychains, earrings, collar capes for the pets, key fobs, compacts, cigarette cases, business card holders, and coasters. It’s a lot of high quality, hand-made product. PopCycled even won Best Use of Recycled Materials in the Geekie Awards.

Because we’re preparing for NYCC, we’ve had to put a few Shauncastic shows on hold, one of them being Intro to Geek.

Here’s a tiny glimpse of what we’ve gotten ourselves into. Emphasis on “tiny glimpse.”

Additionally, two months I was made Geek Editor on Screen Invasion. Unfortunately, that position didn’t last long when Agents of Geek, the geek side of Screen Invasion and the party that called on me to write for them, split and made its own website. Skipping on the whys and WTFs, I’m now Editor-in-Chief for Agents of Geek. I’ll still make my presence known on Screen as well as hold the title of “Editor” on that site, but I’m only staying on to write screeners and reviews. Mind you, I’m not getting paid for any of this. I’m just beefing up my resumé a bit for when I can finally land a paying editor/writer gig.

(If anyone would like to hire me for a freelance gig or for an editor position, HEY! I’m your gal)

There’s also, of course, my actual job. I’m office manager at my family’s assisted living business. It pays crap, but I also live with my parents for free and they pay for my car and phone bill, so it all evens out.

For a while, I’ve been skirting around the thought of trying out voice over work/voice acting. In my time on Shauncastic and Intro to Geek, I’ve slowly regained a confidence I’ve never known, and that’s performance. It’s true, I have yet to carry a show on my own, I tend work better with other people around me because I feed off their energy (tasty, tasty energy), and I’m always hiding behind a mic. The power of not letting your audience see you sweat is staggering.

I never knew of my confidence until I stood up on a little stage and talked for an hour on a panel at DragonCon.

You see, growing up, I had really bad stage fright. It didn’t matter for what reason I was on stage, I shook like a leaf. It all started when I was in first grade. I was a baby lamb in our school’s Nativity play (this was a private school) to which the entire student body had to be in attendance. Even during rehearsal I was nervous. SO nervous in fact that my only comfort was the ringing of my little bell which all the baby lambs wore. Of course, it was taken away from me afterward. I resorted to just whispering my lines. This continued all the way to college, though I was a bit louder in my presentation. However, that was the only thing that improved. I have no idea how passed my communications or PR classes. The one fluke I had in all my four years was when I played Prince Hal/King Henry in my Shakespeare class. My group had to do a creative presentation on history plays. Our focus was on King Henry V and leadership. We prepared a skit modeled after a dating gameshow. I started out as Prince Hal, with whom I acted as a drunken frat dude with Falstaff as my wing man, and then progressed into King Henry V, a more responsible role-model who came to his senses. I will neither confirm nor deny that snuck in a little liquid courage before (and during) class.


At DragonCon, I was asked to speak with a few other women on the Truly Outrageous panel for the American Sci-Fi Classics track. It was so much fun. I even did an impromptu bit as one of the NPR hosts from SNL. I still lost my train of thought at some point, but that happens every other time I open my mouth.

Another tiny affirmation I got was when I met with John DiMaggio (Jake, Bender). We talked for little bit when I came to buy his documentary, I Know That Voice. I told him about my podcast and how I was thinking about exploring voice acting. He asked for a couple samples, I did what I could on the spot, above the roar of the crowd around us, and he said, “You got good potential. Keep expanding your range.” It was a good enough encouragement for me to continue exploring.

Me and Bender


Based on whether or not I can afford it, I’m gonna start taking improv classes at my local theater at the beginning of next year. I know a couple of people who could probably wrangle a discount ^_^  On top of that, I want to come back to aerials at some point. It’s fitness made fun! Nothing like doing tricks in midair with only your wits and some fabric to keep you from falling.

And of course, I’m in the middle outlining and writing some fiction, reading new books, catching up on old ones, and slowly working my way up to crafting.



3 thoughts on “Still On Break…

  1. Congrats on the Editor-In-Chief position!

    Your stage fright past and voice acting aspirations are really hitting home with me; I’m so excited for what you’ll do in the future! I mean, you’ve already “performed” in front of John DiMaggio, you can do anything now. ;D

    Have you seen the “Adventures in Voice Acting” DVD from Bang Zoom? It’s a fascinating watch with really prolific voice actors. Also, the book “Voice-Over Voice Actor” by Tara Platt & Yuri Lowenthal (god, I love those two!) is really in-depth and informative; the art design is also fabulous. All around a great read.

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