Holy Biscuits, Batman!

You guys! How’ve you all been? NYCC 2013 is FINALLY behind us. It’s been such a crazy ride, I get exhausted just thinking about it. It’s safe to say that attending DragonCon and New York Comic Con in the same year, only weeks apart, is tiresome. I don’t know how Yaya Han or Chloe Dykstra do it! Hell, for the field I want to work in, going to major cons and interviewing all the people, I can’t imagine how much Charisma points Jenna Busch has in her reserve to keep going.

Me and Jenna at NYCC!
Me and Jenna at NYCC!

I mostly worked with Laura and Shaun at their PopCycled Baubles booth. We were parked right next to Grizz’s (30 Rock) LAIR shop as well as Volante Designs Inc., which sells these stellar Assassin’s Creed inspired coats. Let me tell you, it was absolute torture staring at those coats all week. I wanted one so bad!

I also got to roam around and check out the sights within the Javits Center. I was all paneled out after DragonCon, so I had no real interest in getting into any of them. I later learned that inclination was a mistake. All the awesome things happened apparently. I did see two video game previews, however. The first was South Park: The Stick of Truth, where we got to see some turn-based battles. The second was Watch Dogs. AAAHHHHH WATCH DOGS! We watched another mission where we were introduced to Aiden Pierce’s shifty associate, Jordi. He was wonderfully sadistic, and therefore, my favorite. Every time I see new video on Watch Dogs, I get super excited.

I also got to interview Vivek J. Tiwary for Agents of Geek. Vivek is (primarily) a Broadway producer to several award-winning shows, including Green Day’s American Idiot. He was promoting The Fifth Beatle, a graphic novel about the life of Brian Epstein, the man who discovered the Beatles. 

Read my feature on Vivek Tiwary and THE FIFTH BEATLE right here ^_^

The day I interviewed Vivek was also the day I ran into Claire Grant, Seth Green’s wife. She’s a little bit taller than me, but not by much. That gave me a more concrete idea on how short Seth really is. Damn, you guys. LOL! I’m just glad there are other people shorter than me; I’m constantly surrounded by tall people.

There was some good cosplay, but I’m definitely spoiled by DragonCon, where cosplayers have the convenience of hotel rooms to change. Javits is a convention center blocks and blocks away from hotels. A lot of costumes I saw were just slapped together by duct tape or bought from Party City. Admittedly, my Harley Quinn outfit all came from Hot Topic (shivers), but I wasn’t about to stand for 9 hours in an uncomfortable costume. Like I said, Javits doesn’t have the convenience of being several hotels like DragonCon, so long-term comfortability is a must while traversing through NYCC. It also helps if you’re costume doesn’t take up a lot of room when playing a video game at the Nintendo booth.

Let me tell you another thing about Javits: They do not believe in chairs. You either need to bring your own or contend with sitting against a wall on the floor. The only time I got to sit on an actual, real life chair while attending NYCC was when I interviewed Vivek in the Media Room, and when I watched the Watch Dogs preview. If you’re a vendor, bring your own chairs. The convention center will nickel and dime you. I could go on and on about what it means to be a vendor at Comic Con, but that shall be for another day and in another post.

Laura and Shaun opening up PopCycled Baubles at NYCC.
Laura and Shaun opening up PopCycled Baubles at NYCC.

Coming to NYCC marks my second trip to New York City. Being a vendor takes it out of you. High energy all day, everyday. That doesn’t leave much for wanting to explore the city at night. My energy was there, but not everyone else on the trip with me. Our feet hurt A LOT too. And we were staying in Jersey… So there were a few factors against us. Our other friends, Stormy and Jim, were the only ones who got to sight-see outside of the con center. They looked at all the Banksy stuff and even came across a stand where some guy was selling his prints. Little did they know that those were real Banksy art worth thousands of dollars. When Stormy found out, she went on this hilarious tirade. I wish I had enough sense to film her rants while we stayed together.

I’ll definitely come back to NYCC next year… with a Press Pass, not an Exhibitor’s Pass. And I’m definitely not staying in Jersey again. And next time I’m flying and staying in a hostel off of Broadway. Driving sucks.

Overall, NYCC was pretty fun. If not for working at the PopCycled booth, I definitely would have gotten bored really quick. The most fun I had was actually doing the interview with Vivek…

YOU GUYS! This means I definitely found my calling! I like journalism, I like interviewing and talking with people… I LOVE this job. All I need now is to find someplace willing to pay me in dollars and benefits. [Crosses fingers]

Now that NYCC is over and done with, Intro to Geek is no longer on break!!!

Blog posts will start going up on a regular basis again. As for podcast episodes, I still need to talk with Shaun on that. It’s only a matter of time now!

I’m going on a video game blitz now that I have time, so I’ll be posting my thoughts soon. My most recent game was Beyond: Two Souls. And don’t forget to catch me on Twitter and Agents of Geek. I spend most of my time on those sites.


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