NaNoWriMo and Atomacon!

Today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo). Since I can’t participate in the No Shave November I thought this might be the next best thing.

I have tons of ideas swirling around my head, but the one getting the most “hits” is a story based on another story. I can’t say what it is because a) I don’t want to psych myself out by saying it aloud/typing it to other people, and b) I figured “fan-fiction” was an acceptable thing now that some authors are somehow making obscene amounts of money doing it. How fair is that, right? My participating in NaNoWriMo was also a last minute decision, and the story I’m writing is the one my brain is stuck on.

Also, I lost my journal of outlines and ideas. It’s somewhere, just not in any place I have looked. [shakes fist menacingly]

This particular story is the most recent I idea that popped into my mind, and something I genuinely feel needs to be worked on. The original source material was such a mess execution-wise, but I absolutely loved the concept. You know when you see something and say, “I can do better than what these hacks did with it!” Well I am saying that, and I’m willing to risk putting my foot in my mouth to do it.

Also coming up on my agenda for this month is Atomacon, Charleston’s first big science fiction/geeky convention run by fans. It’s quite literally looking to become the next DragonCon. As a last minute idea (I get those a lot) I asked the creator/organizer, Janet, if there were any press passes left. She said that the free ones were all gone, but I could purchase one for $20. I was just about to suck it up and do it UNTIL I read the next sentence. “However,” she started, “We do need more panelists in the Fandom track. Would you like to be a panelist? The fee for that is only $10.”

HA! Of course I will!

Having got the bug on my last visit to DragonCon, I immediately took that to be the better option. So here I am, speaking on a total of five panels. Below is my schedule:


7pm — “The Future of Video Games”
9pm — “Walking Dead”


1pm — “Star Wars and Disney, a match for the dark side or the light side?”
10pm — “Avatar (cartoon): Past and Present”

10am — “Whedonverse”


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