A Familiar Face on SLEEPY HOLLOW

I knew it was coming; I knew two weeks ahead of time. Sleepy Hollow, a new, bat-shit crazy, awesome TV show on FOX, was going to feature someone I know.

I was attending a comedy show at AtomaCon. A friend of mine, Andy Rider was one of the comedians performing the first night of the event. Before the show started, Andy and I were catching up and then he says, “Hey you know Craig Trow, right?” I used to work with Craig at the movie theater. He was one of the more interesting co-workers I ever got along with and didn’t secretly hate. Anyway, Andy told me, “Yeah, he went up to North Carolina for a while for a role on Sleepy Hollow.” Whoa whoa whoa! Hold the phone! What? I knew Craig had landed an audition for something, but I never knew it was on a show I actually watch and like! I was giddy with excitement for him. I’m very much a person who gets super happy when I hear that a friend has landed a job he or she has always wanted. In Craig’s case, I got really excited for the direction his life is heading as an actor. Part of the reason he moved the States (he’s originally from Bristol, England), other than marrying his beautiful wife, was to further his career as an actor. That sort of thing is hard to do in Charleston, but it’s growing.

Craig Trow as Lachlan Fredericks

Last night’s episode of Sleepy Hollow was about Ichabod Crane and Abbey Mills searching for a missing socialite. Her last known whereabouts was in an abandoned mansion once owned by a Lachlan Fredericks, with whom Ichabod and his wife Katrina were good friends. They discover the house is haunted and plagued by an evil entity. Throughout the episode, Abbey finds out some secrets that shake Ichabod’s world as he knew it via visions from a benevolent ghost that has been helping Abbey. We get to see flashbacks during Revolutionary times. That’s where Craig comes in. He plays Lachlan Fredericks, an abolitionist who grants anyone sanctuary as well as works towards freeing any slave who comes to him.

When we first meet Lachlan, I kinda squee’d at the TV. Even I hurt my own ears. It’s a good episode, and he played the role well. I hope I get to see Craig in more shows or movies in the near future!


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