A Few of My Favorite Features I’ve Written Elsewhere…

In the time that I’ve been mostly away from Intro to Geek, I’ve been writing for Agents of Geek. I have a total of seven pages worth of posts. Most of which I’m proud. Below are some of my favorites.

10) 5 Awesome Things We Saw at E3 2013

9) FuzziLovies are Good for a Baby’s Eyesight


7) “Cell Block Tango” With a Disney Spin

6)  The End of the World is Nigh! – The Best End of The World Stories

5) Underrated Video Games We’ll Probably Never See Again

4) 75 Years of Superman in an Animated Short

3) Video Games that Left Us an Emotional Wreck

2) THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON TWO “All That Remains” Review

1) Author Spreads Love with THE FIFTH BEATLE

There you have it! Now I’m going to get my ass handed to me on XCOM: Enemy Within. Somehow I keep getting worse every time I repeat a mission — stupid train! I can’t seem to keep all of my guys alive. I won twice, but at the cost of one man. I’m starting to think at least one death is inevitable for this mission…

Jim Carrey kill something GIF


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