Women, E3 2014, VIDEO GAMES!

Earlier this week, I decided to host a Google Hangout on Air featuring three awesome women gamers and myself, talking about this year’s E3. Joining me in the live event, which aired last night, were Stephanie Cooke, Sam Maggs, and Jessa Phillips. I invited Dodger Leigh to join our conversation, but she was still busy with E3, and she was preparing to flee — I mean! — take a trip to Europe.

We were having a rough time getting started. Half of us were able to make it into the event while the other half couldn’t find the invite. Then I accidentally closed the event on myself and couldn’t find a way back in as the host. It took an hour for me to figure out what happened, find a way a back in, and then give up and make a new event. Bottom line, Google needs to get their shit together and make this whole process easier. I don’t like jumping through hoops.

Anyway, we FINALLY got started…almost an hour later from the scheduled start time. Once we got everyone in, the event went swimmingly! We ladies know our games, we (or rather *I*) just don’t know how Google operates anything past their email and search engines. Enjoy the video below!


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