Rocket Raccoon Laughs at your 11 Percent

Earlier today I found myself tagged in a conversation on Facebook. Something a friend of mine being able to “move like Jagger.” I don’t fully understand the meaning of that song. Probably because I never really paid attention to the lyrics. Considering it’s by Maroon 5, I’m going to go with “highly suggestive in a sensual manner.” By the way, feel free to read that quotation in Zapp Brannigan’s voice. I know I did 🙂

futurama Zapp

Regardless of what my friend really meant by his remark, the very first reaction that came to mind for a response was Rocket Raccoon’s outburst upon hearing Peter Quill’s 11-percent complete plan. First, I looked for just that clip on YouTube, only to find that no one had made one. All that’s available is the entire Guardians of the Galaxy extended trailer from where the clip is.

So…I made one myself.

Normally this wouldn’t be possible for me, but I realized that I get press releases from Disney/Marvel! Whenever a new trailer or official poster comes out, I get hi-res everything for the website I write for. I took the extended trailer, fired up iMovie, and sliced out Rocket’s sarcastic laughter. Voila! A perfectly appropriate reaction video to some dumb thing you see on the internet.

You’re welcome. 


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