Got bored… Made up a D&D new character and a storyline

I’ve been waiting for a phone call for hours. During that time, I stumbled upon upcoming books for the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. My own group is nearing the end of our 3-4 year long story, which is running mainly on 4th edition.

Currently I play a pixie berserker. Strange? Absolutely. My character is probably the most cartoonish on paper, but she deals with enormous damage…as long as my dice aren’t against me. Just so you know, they usually are. 

So out of boredom (there isn’t much left to do except sit around), I made up a new rogue character as well as a new story arc.

There might be discrepancies or problems with the character build because I don’t have the official character builder (I refuse to pay $10/month for DDI; I have my DM for that). The rogue comes with subclasses like the Thief, the Artful Dodger, the Scoundrel, and a couple others. Assuming I can’t combine subclasses, my character technically can’t be an Artful Dodger and a Thief. SHENANIGANS! The Artful Dodger subclass is named after a freaking thief character from Oliver Twist!

So out of pure stubbornness, this character is built like an Artful Dodger/Thief (in my mind).

HELENA – Human – Rogue (Artful Dodger & Thief) – Circus Performer 


Helena ran away from home at an early age. She and dozens of other young street urchins were recruited by an old miser named Fagan and trained to be a skillful pickpockets. Helena was among the best in her group, but she came under Fagan’s wrath often when she tried to protect some of her less successful comrades. After accidentally killing Fagan herself, Helena ran away with a traveling circus passing through. There she quickly rose to become one of their best aerial performers. 

The blood of a thief still thick in her veins, Helena can’t resist the urge to steal every now and then. She would spend her time off casing a wealthy person’s home and later breaking in to steal something valuable.

Trained in stealth, thievery, acrobatics, dungeoneering, streetwise, perception.

Weapon: Light blade (kukri)

Rogue paragon path: Cat burglar

Epic Destiny: Dark Wanderer 



The traveling circus — full of rogues, illusionists, and disgraced warriors — appears seemingly overnight and disappears just as quickly (stop me if you’ve heard this before). It is powered by a mysterious magic of unknown origin. The only person able to tap into this magic is only known as The Ringleader. No one has ever met The Ringleader, though many claim to have caught a glimpse of him once. The Emissary, The Ringleader’s envoy, is the only person in direct communication with him. 

While traveling, The Ringleader may assign quests to members of the circus to acquire magical items. Such quests require stealth and skill while others require brute strength. The purpose of these quests are mostly unknown. 

While staying in a town, The Emissary will offer contract jobs or bounties in which one person or whole teams can participate. 

New members must go through a trial/gauntlet based around their strengths and weaknesses. Any who fail must leave immediately; they cannot try again. 

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, The Ringleader is the DM. 


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