Gotham Recap and Review: Season 1 Episode 4 ‘Arkham’

The top two crime bosses are fighting over Arkham. This can’t end well for Gotham.

Legion of Leia

Our Christina Janke recaps and reviews Gotham Season 1, episode 4 ‘Arkham.’ Follow her on Twitter @IntrotoGeek!

Gotham takes a break from the eccentric this week. Instead it focuses more on the high stakes politics between two big crime bosses over the fate of our beloved city. Spoilers.

All things lead to Arkham. At least for this week, they do. According to Oswald Cobblepot — who unceremoniously drops by Gordon’s apartment — there’s a sort of bidding war going on over what will become of the now empty Arkham City lot. You read correctly, Gothamites, there’s a whole section of Gotham called Arkham City. Falcone wants it so he can build low-income housing and refurbish the closed Arkham Asylum. Maroni just wants to turn it into a dumping ground — his way of giving Falcone a giant middle finger, more or less. Incidentally, Falcone’s plan is actually what the…

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