The Flash Series Premiere Recap and Review

This is the strongest CW premiere ever. This is going to be a great series.

Legion of Leia

Our Christina Janke recaps and reviews The Flash series premiere! Follow her on Twitter @IntrotoGeek!

The Flash is finally here! The fastest man alive hit the ground running with his series premiere on the CW Network. Warning: spoilers ahead.

“To understand what I’m about to tell you, you need to do something first. You need to believe in the impossible.”

A very apropos disclaimer for an audience who still watch action hero TV shows grounded in reality. We know that has come and gone since Smallville and Supernatural, and again with Arrow. Even those, however, sort of cringed at the idea of going too crazy with the unnatural (at first). With the coming of The Flash, all bets are off right out the gate. We WANT the superpowers, and we WANT the super crazy that follows.

We first get a little introduction to Barry Allen’s childhood. When he was…

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