Gotham Recap and Review: Season 1 Episode 6, “Spirit of the Goat”

Legion of Leia

Greetings, Gothamites. Gotham just keeps getting better and better, and “Spirit of the Goat” takes the cake (so far). We look into Detective Bullock’s surprising good cop past, Gordon is about to spill all the beans to Barbara, and Montoya may have finally found the last nail in Gordon’s coffin. It’s a big week, kiddos, and tensions are only going to run hotter in episodes to come.

The episode begins 10 years in the past with Bullock and his then partner, Detective Dix (Dan Hedaya), chasing after a serial killer who calls himself The Goat. Right off the bat (HA!), The Goat looks like a poor attempt at a Batman costume, half-made. The guy underneath that mask, a mental patient named Milky, even has the Christian Bale voice down. It’s ridiculous to say the least, but it fits his menacing modus operandi–to kidnap members of the one-percent and “sacrifice” them…

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