Barbie is a Terrible Computer Engineer

Legion of Leia

Computer Barbie

In a world that is all up in society’s grill about equality for women, Barbie just had to go and mess things up, as usual. Sure, she probably meant well, but… Sigh. Do women actually write these “I Can Be ___” stories? Or is some begrudging dude in charge of these books, whose machinations are to indoctrinate little girls of the world with the thought that “sure, she can be such-and-such, but not without the help of someone-else-with-penis”?

Sorry did that get too graphic? Suck it up, it’s a legit medical term.

I’m not saying all of this as a scary, angry feminist, but a cynical one who dabbles in over the top conspiracy theories. But you have to wonder about what the heck goes on in people’s minds sometimes. The image below pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with Barbie’s I Can be a Computer Engineer:

Barbie computer 1

HAHAHAHA! What? You’re…

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