Justice League Meets Magic Mike…and It’s Wonderful


Legion of Leia


So this picture just popped up on Facebook and Twitter. “This is one fine piece of fan art,” says everyone who appreciates shirtless men ever. Only…it’s not. Fan art, that is. According to Newsrama, it’s actually an official cover variant for 2015!


There will be 22 DC Comics titles with variant covers, each inspired by a select movie respectively. The movies will include Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Purple Rain, The Fugitive, The Matrix, and more.

Now I know what you guys are saying: “We’re even right? You have over-sexualized men in a comic book cover. Are you happy now?!” No, but that’s another post for another day.

I want you dudes to know that we women objectify as much as the opposite sex. It’s just we’re classy about it…mostly. All we need are a few muscley dudes with their shirts off (pants still on, please), and we’re good…

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