Agent Carter Review – ‘Now Is Not The End’ and ‘Bridge And Tunnel’

Legion of Leia


Legion contributor Christina Janke is recapping and reviewing Agent Carter for us this season. Follow her on Twitter @IntrotoGeek!

Marvel geeks! The night we’ve all be waiting for has finally come, the two-hour season premiere of Agent Carter! Right off the bat, the show hits the ground running with an emotionally charged, action-packed highlight reel of what makes Agent Peggy Carter such a fascinating character to begin with. We see a quick succession of clips from the first Captain America movie plus a couple fight scenes from the Agent Carter One-Shot.

The first episode opens with a still melancholy Agent Carter, the year following the flashbacks seen in Agents of SHIELD. Not only does she still mourn over Captain America’s demise, now she has to deal with her male SSR peers who all treat her like a glorified secretary. Seriously, the male chauvinism is palpable even through my TV. Her one ally…

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