Gotham Recap and Review: Season 1, Episode 11, ‘Rogue’s Gallery’

Legion of Leia


Gotham is back, everyone! Last time, we saw Jim Gordon get sacked from the GCPD and transferred over to the craziest of all nut houses: Arkham Asylum. What demented minds will we get to see in this half of the season?

Gordon mindlessly watches over an inmate-led production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. (Who let that inmate wear gloves with razors on the fingertips?!) During a sweet song by whom I can only surmise is Arkham’s version of Ariel, one of the inmates in the audience gets upset and attacks the little sprite. Gordon wheels the injured patient into the infirmary where he also gets a harsh tongue-lashing from Dr. Lang, head of Arkham. This is the fourth outburst since Gordon transferred to work security in the asylum. The nurse standing with them sternly reminds Dr. Lang that she cannot treat the injured patient, that he needs doctor to take a look at him.


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