What’s Up, Guys?

So… How ya’ll doin? It’s been a while, huh? Been a while since I made an actual post and not a re-blog from someplace else. Hi.

I feel like not a whole lot has happened to me since my last real blog post, but I know that’s not technically true. I still do podcasts with Shaun on Shauncastic. Intro to Geek still exists even though it’s been on hold forever. I’m still Editor-in-Chief at Agents of Geek; although, I tend to disappear when my inbox goes over 200 (the pressure!). In case you haven’t noticed from my recent activity, I also write for Legion of Leia. It’s an entertainment blog created by my good friend Jenna Busch.

The biggest changes have to do with my hair. First it was long and purple, then it turned into a rainbow because my hair stylist likes to sneak in a little color when I’m not looking, then it was short and pink. And now I’m a blonde. See for yourself:

hair colors

I really felt like I needed to make some changes in my life throughout 2014. I definitely started writing a lot between AoG and LoL, but not here. Because day job and I’ve been cutting down on my computer hours due to severe migraines. I also got two kitties. My parents got three more. I live with my parents, so I guess you can say I now have five. The first two are my fur babies and I am super crazy about them. Just look at my Instagram.

You’ll notice that I revamped this blog (again). I plan to start writing more and more on this blog about some things I particularly wouldn’t write on Agents or Legion. My inner thoughts, some goings-on around town, progress reports on my video games, my photography, and sneak peeks at some projects I plan to start this year. Maybe I’ll even post about some TV shows I’m catching up on. Like Cheers. Yeah…

2015 is gonna be the year more stuff happens! Damn nabbit!


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