You Will be Missed, Mr. Spock

It’s never a welcomed moment when you find out that one of your favorite actors, whom you grew up watching almost your whole life, has died. For me, the biggest shocks were Bob Hoskins, Robin Williams, and now Leonard Nimoy.

I can’t rightly express the sorrow I feel for Nimoy’s passing. He was ever present in our geek culture as James T. Kirk’s second in command on the Starship Enterprise. He was an outsider who found his place among a federation of peoples. He was our frustratingly logical advisor. He was our mentor and guide from a parallel universe. But he was, most of all, our friend.

He told us to live long and prosper, which I will continue to hold close to my heart like a prayer.

Mr. Nimoy was a poet, photographer, a musician, a director, as well as an actor. He died February 27, 2015 at the age of 83.


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