Full Moon Rising

I wrote “Full Moon Rising” as an introduction for a friend’s static trapeze performance. The format of the showcase’s narrative changed a bit and the story was scrapped. Not wanting this itty bitty ditty to go to waste, I’m posting it here for everyone to read. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

“Listen carefully,” a voice growled sweetly. It was dark. Too dark for anyone to see anything but the images in one’s mind. The absolute blackness of Angela’s surroundings was what one might compare to the emptiness of space — if one were able to experience it personally. No stars, no ethereal luminescence glowing in the distance. Complete and utter loneliness.

But, Angela wasn’t alone.

“Hello?” said Angela meekly. The words barely left her lips. Her body shook uncontrollably. Silence. A sound resembling a stifled squeak managed to leave her body before she stood completely still. A familiar tapping of claws slowly approached. Closer. Closer. Closer still. Her legs trembled so uncontrollably that they collapsed underneath her. Pain shot up all the way to her fingertips as her body bent and twisted as soon as she hit the ground. Oh god! The pain!

Angela cried out again, this time in agony and anguish. Hot tears stung her left cheek, not even the cold earth underneath could soothe the kind of heat she was feeling. She barely touched the fleshy tear on her skin when a flash of memory appeared in her mind.

Panicked screams filled the dark woods. Angela ran swiftly, ignoring the every branch and twig that hit her. A single claw raked against her face, but it did not grab her. Her chest heaved as she gathered more speed, hoping to put more distance between herself and the beast hunting her. She could hear it breathing steadily from behind, and she belt out one final cry for help.

Angela lie still with her body spread across the cold dirt. The stars above her blurred behind a veil of tears welling up over her eyes. She was alone, but not alone. Something stirred inside.

“Listen,” growled the beast once again.

Angela found herself in the dark, empty space again. She was calm this time, curious now more than ever. The excruciating pain in her limbs still lingered — she watched herself writhing in agony and clawing at the dirt beneath her — but her heart fluttered with exhilaration and anticipation. A light appeared before her in the distance, shining down on a shape she could not make out just yet. It came closer, and the light overhead followed. The familiar tapping of claws hitting the hard floor filled her ears again, followed by a low growl that greeted her as it came closer. This was not the beast that attacked her earlier. This was…

Angela held out her hand. “Come closer,” she said with a steady voice. She could hear her own heartbeat, and she could hear another trying to match her rhythm.

It approached her slowly and cautiously. The other heartbeat grew louder. Angela, the one still in the woods, was now shrieking and twisting as every bone cracked and rearranged itself. The earth could not soak up the blood fast enough as her skin stretched and tore to reveal something new.

“I want to see you.”

A snout caressed Angela’s outstretched hand. The light above them revealed an enormous wolf standing before her. On all fours it stood just below the woman’s nape. She ran her fingers through the beast’s soft gray fur and embraced it. “This is our becoming,” she whispered.

Angela’s screams dissipated. The overwhelming pain seemed nothing now but a distant memory. The woods surrounding her was no longer as dark as it was before, some colors showed more brilliantly than others, and the smells, my god the smells! She could sense every living thing around her.

More importantly, Angela was no longer afraid. She had become something strong and powerful. She had become something terrible…and awesome. As if by instinct, Angela lifted her head to look up at the full moon shining above and let out a long howl to celebrate her transformation.


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