Whatchoo Talkin’ ’bout, Lando?

Welcome, nerds!

My name is Christina and this is the Intro to Geek. You may know me from such geeky outlets like Shauncastic or The Women of Geekdom (website coming soon!). Or maybe you were brought here from my other blog, Short Stories from a Penniless Geek. Whichever wormhole you were spewed out from, I’d like to thank you for very timely arrival.

The creation of this particular blog stems from a segment I do on Shauncastic. About a year ago, the cast and I came to the painful realization that I, the youngest in the cast as well as coming into the world of geekdom fairly recently, may have missed out on a few things. Thus my podcast segment was born. But we all know that there are some things we forget to say, or even further observations that that had to be left unsaid due to time constraints.

That’s where this blog comes in.

I’ll be posting in concordance to every pod release of Intro to Geek on Shauncastic. Additionally I’ll have some second opinions from other ladies, and even reviews of more recent franchises currently invading our spheres.

I hope you enjoy this little endeavor of ours! Thanks again for reading 🙂


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